Today was a day where focusing was next to impossible. My brain kept drifting, drifting to Connor’s first birthday, with ice cream cake. His birthday with “Sex in a Bowl”, a family favorite from Missy and Krystal also known as Chocolate Trifle. To the Birthday Parties in the basement, one year I made my own piñata. To the Birthday Party at The Basketball Hall of Fame. When it was just he and Luke walking around and around having a great time. I was the Mom of the Year for that one.

The years of combined Birthday Parties at The Red Roof Inn with Connor, Hunter and Aiden. Swimming and eating pizza and snacks. Us parents enjoyed it, Connor revealed in recent years they weren’t his favorite. He didn’t like to swim and Hunter didn’t like to be the center of attention.

In recent years it was just a couple of friends to hang out, and last year it was Jordan, only Jordan to make him happy.❤️❤️ He never really liked cake, but give him ice cream and he could eat the whole half gallon.

Maybe next day I won’t drift so much, maybe I will be able to handle his birthday a little better. But for now, drifting amongst my happiest memories is the best place to be. The place where I can remember Connor and everything that made him happy.

3 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. Happy “Birth” day mom! Happy birthday in heaven Connor! Hope you will enjoy your favorite sundae with Jesus and your loved ones 💜😊🍧

    Praying for the Godwinks😊💜🙏


  2. I pray those memories will bring you less pain, and more warmth and joy as time goes on. I pray that for Jordan as well.
    Hugs from Willi,CT.


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