Today was my first full day without my post surgical splint. I am the proud owner of a “Walking Boot”. A bit of a misnomer, because I still can’t walk on my left leg. I am to remain Non Weight Bearing at least until my next follow up in March.

I was ecstatic when the nurse cut my post surgical splint off yesterday. The first thing I did was reach down and scratch all the dead, dry crusty skin off of my calf. It felt fantastic, to not have the splint on, and to let the air touch my leg.

Today I worked from home, sitting at my dining room table, with my foot propped up, and the boot mostly off. By abt 1:30 the pain was on its way back, and by 3;00 the swelling was bad enough that wiggling my toes was a chore.

As soon as I logged out, I took my trusty knee scooter and trucked my ass to bed. Laid down and elevation and ice commenced. After being prone with an elevated foot for 6+ hrs. The swelling has reduced, the pain is subsiding and I can freely wiggle my toes.

The human body is an amazing thing, if we are willing to listen to it. When I told my mom I was swollen today, because I am just like dad and didn’t take it easy. She rolled her eyes at me via text, and told me to try and be a little more like her for a few days.

I will try mom, but unfortunately us Whalen’s are a stubborn bunch. But tomorrow will be ice and elevation and streaming of TV shows. Hopefully if I behave it won’t be swollen like The Goodyear Blimp tomorrow .🫰