To The Surface

The white sheets and burning crosses of the KKK were something that I thought we had left behind as a nation. Maybe my naïveté is showing, or just the fact that I live in the rural northeast where the rednecks rear their heads but not with the KKK attached (generally)

The current president has removed all sense of "political correctness" from our current society. In recent years we had gone a bit to far the other way, you couldn't say anything for fear of offending someone. Now it has become a free for all. Say or do what you want and damned the consequences.

What happened to being considerate of other people, their feelings, their thoughts, their race, their religion, or even their sexual orientation? Just because you can say it doesn't mean you should!

The situation in Charlottesville is a perfect example. Young White Supremacists exerting their notion of free speech. Marching with tiki torches in hand to assert their "supremacy ". Their hate bubbling to the surface, believing that the color of their skin makes them superior to others. That idea is complete idiocy. Are they smarter than anyone? What do they have to bring to the table other than their hate for people that don't look exactly like them?

As someone who has had it with all of the hate that has been bubbling under the surface, and like lava has found cracks and fissures to make its way to the top again. I say I am done, I don't have any control at the national level, but I can work at the local level. I won't tolerate the hate out of anyone I deal with, that doesn't mean I am going to bury my head in the sand. It means the exact opposite. It means I am going to fight to make it known that racism, and its brothers of sexism and ageism don't fly with me in any way shape or form. So take your Tiki Torches back to a Jimmy Buffett concert where they belong!!!