If this new administration had a tag line it would be “Alternative Facts, use them, embrace them.” I for one will not use them or embrace them. I will call them what they are a LIE! As a person who compulsively seeks the truth, these type of  “facts” offend me.

The most recent “Alternative Fact” laid down by Kellyanne Conway was about the Bowling Green Massacre. The Massacre she claimed was never covered by the Press. It never existed, hence why it was never covered by any media outlet. As a compulsive truth seeker, I went into research mode, Google and Snopes are my friends. 2 men were arrested in Bowling Green Kentucky for possessing illegal weapons and being involved in IED incidents in their home country. Hmm, no massacre there. 

Once Ms. Conway was confronted with the truth she began to backtrack quicker than an Olympic Figure Skater. Saying that she misspoke and that it “could have been a massacre” but it was stopped when the Iraqi nationals were arrested before they could do anything.

Next came the 7 countries that are on the travel ban. I find it quite interesting that none of those 7 countries have any Trump Hotels or Trump Casinos in them. Yet if you are Saudi Arabia that has Trump ties you are all set. This entire administration talks in circles, circles that make my head spin. They make their own discriminatory practices as they pertain to international affairs based on how it will effect Trump Industries. 

Need I remind anyone that is why he was supposed to divest himself of his business holdings, so there was no “conflict of interest.” I predict he will never do this, nor will we ever see the release of his Tax Returns. 

I also predict that Melania and Baron will never leave the comforts of Trump Tower to reside at The White House. She will use these 4 years as an un-official separation and after the 4 year Presidential term, she will become the 3rd ex Mrs. Trump. 

If he even lasts 4 years as our 45th President, which I don’t anticipate will happen. I am in the camp that believes he will be impeached long before his term is up. Leaving us with Pence as President and Ryan as Vice President. Those are scary propositions to me.

I see Trump as a puppet, a puppet with no political knowledge that operates like a ping-pong ball with a serious case of ADHD. Bouncing from one issue to another. Neither solving anything or making any true changes. On the other hand with Pence and Ryan at the helm that is an equation that scares me. They have the political know how, but not the common sense. With any of these fools at the helm of our country I am scared.