3 days, at sea, with warmth and sun and beautiful blue water, clear skies and puffy clouds. The temperature never dipping below 78 during the day. Amazing food and free flowing cocktails, fantastic friends. 3 days at sea floating in the Bahamas gave me a new perspective on things.

Seeing the scooters in Nassau and knowing that Connor and Jordan would be seeing the island on one of those. That they would be playing in the waves and having a blast made me smile. A melancholy smile but not one full of tears this time.

Would they be trying to figure out what to eat at one of the sit down restaurants on the ship, or would they just stick to the “safe buffet”? Once they could drink they would be hanging out by the pool bar, he in his long wild colored swim trunks and she in a beautiful bikini. Just like the hundreds of young people on our cruise. But they would be different, special because they only cared for each other.

This quick trip to the warmth of The Bahamas gave me renewed perspective on life and loss. I will always see Connor and Jordan in young people in love. But after 3 days at sea with no tears shed, I realized I can do this without racking pain, soul wrenching tears and all consuming heartache. It will never be the same, but it will be ok.

2 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. Great new perspective my friend.. happy for you.. growing through this rollercoaster of a journey called life, we find our purpose. God bless you


  2. You are growing stronger every day. It’s a wild journey for you. So glad that you are finding this new perspective. Connor would not have wanted it any other way. I admire you !


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