It is an undeniable fact of life, some weekends are better than others.  Some weekends you spend doing laundry and lounging on the couch watching countless reruns of Law &  Order.  While other weekends are of the epic variety.  This past weekend falls into the second category for my hubby &  I.  

    My hubby is a Store Manager for Genden Auto Parts in Shelburne Falls, MA.  His boss sponsored a NASCAR K&N Series Race car at NHMS in Loudon NH.  A car driven by Corey Lajoie.  We were told that if he wins we would end up in Victory Lane,  but I never expected it.  We spent the day with Corey’s crew,  watching him run in the Xfinity Race from his hauler,  being fed some of the most amazing food ever,  and just watching them work and listening to them chat and banter back and forth. 

     Before the race started Turbo,  Corey ‘s Pit Boss set us up Captains Chairs in the pits “to make us look important”, he told us.  He then plunked race scanners on our heads so we could listen to everything.  

The race was stopped at just under the halfway point for a accident that required the roof to be cut off.  When it restarted,  Corey took the lead and never let it go.  With 5 laps to go,  Turbo leaned in and said “When he wins this race,  drop the scanners and run to Victory Lane,  but you will get wet”! 

On Sunday we decompressed by going to the beach,  and stopping for a nice dinner on our way home.  It was a weekend that I will never forget.  Mark’s boss is an amazing guy,  he treats my husband like a prince and for that I will complain less about 70 hr weeks,  because everything is a trade off.  

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