Changes in Latitude,  Changes in Attitude.  To quote Jimmy Buffet.  I have embarked on a change.  Not in latitude,  I haven’t moved,  but in attitude.  I have changed my way of eating and have embraced the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle or LCHF for short.  If you know anything about me you know that I research the hell out of anything before I jump in and this endeavor is no exception.  I have figured out how to bread things with almond flour or crushed up Pork Rinds.  I have made Cheese Chips,  Pepperoni Chips,  Keto Cheesecake Fluff,  No Crust Quiche,  Shrimp Filled lettuce wraps and Taco Salads with not a chip in sight.  I have also embraced the idea that my body needs water,  at least 130 oz of it a day, I thought I would float away,  but I didn’t.  I have always loved veggies, all kinds,  shapes and sizes so that was never an issue.  I now just eat way more of them. I also learned that eggs, bacon and butter are my friends, that heavy cream and cream cheese are staples, and that coconut oil is a wonderful thing. Trying to get my brain to accept these things is a little more challenging.


     Re-learning 25+ years of “healthy”  eating habits is a process.  Learning to grab for Pepperoni and Salami or Slim Jim’s as a snack instead of an apple or a peach was a challenge, but I am getting there. 


     I have taken most of my family on this journey with me.  Only one is exempt,  he is skinny enough as it is.  As I have said before being healthy is my goal,  to make my asthma behave,  get my thyroid under control,  and just generally feel better.  Being thin would be an amazing added plus,  I am shooting for being the size I was when I got married.  Which is totally attainable, considering that I have already left 8lbs behind in just under 2 weeks.  I am not saying I lost them,  because that implies that I want to find them,  and I have no intention of finding this weight again.


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