Just What?? 


    As a full grown,  I would like to think functioning adult I have learned that more times than not you don’t get your own way.  This political season has brought this thought home.  Brought it home in full force,  with the strength of a sledgehammer on steroids.  I knew that being a Bernie Supporter was gonna hurt.  I knew that he just couldn’t win the nomination, somewhere deep down on my pragmatic political heart I just knew that supporting him was gonna hurt, but I did it anyway.  What I was not prepared for was the level of hurt by watching the Republican Nominee and his supporters.  As I stated I like to think that I am intelligent, that is why I can’t fathom how he has brought so many people to his side.  So many of my “friends”,  that I really thought had it together.  Yet they seem to think that his brand of hate and bluster will be productive for this country. I have come to believe that his supporters have ignited a level of hate bubbling under the surface,  that I really did not know was there.  Hate for immigrants,  disabled persons,  persons of color,  and in general people that don’t look exactly like you.  That is not the way I was raised,  and it is not a belief system,  nor a level of hate I will condone.  I completely get that so many people are frustrated and disillusioned with the status quo of politics as usual.  But does that mean that you throw the baby out with the bathwater?  

    No it means you work hard to fix the problem,  not that you chuck the whole system and start again from square one. By pulling that Red lever you may think that you are sending a message,  well yes you are,  but you are sending one that will haunt us for 4 years. How are we ever gonna recover from this?  With the Republicans steadily chipping away at Roe v. Wade, DJT wanting to build a wall around this country and isolate us and the current unrest that we are experiencing between the Cops and people they are meant to serve.  I am scared,  we are not a country of isolationists,  we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. 

    I am not enamored with the Democratic Nominee,  but if given the choice between the Devil incarnate known as DJT or the First Woman Nominee from a Major Party known as HRC.  She may not have been my first choice,  but I will take HRC over the Reality TV Show Star with 4 bankruptcies to his name and bad hair any day. 

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