I fully intended to watch Connor play baseball this afternoon,  but Mother Nature had different ideas.  On the way to the field it began to sprinkle.  I looked at him and said “it is just a passing shower,  coach said that the rain and thunderstorms won’t be here till 6:30. We pulled into the parking lot,  he got out,  grabbed his gear and walked in the sprinkles towards the field.


     I stayed in the car to call
A T & T because his phone had decided to bite the dust today.  While on the phone with the Customer Service Rep the rain became steadily harder and then the thunder started.


     In years of Rec League Ball I have suffered through “swamp ass”.  Where the rain runs off the edges of your umbrella,  down your back into your underwear.  There it forms a puddle,  ie  “swamp ass”.  All while keeping score and trying to keep the book dry, because keeping score on a wet book is pretty fruitless.  I don’t have to do that now that he plays High School Ball.  I am content to stay warm and dry in my car.  Until either the rain stops,  the game is over,  or they call it because it isn’t safe for them to play.


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