The Time



    It is the time of year,  the time where my family’s life seems to endlessly revolve around diamonds.  Not the kind that sparkle,  the kind that make teenage boys knees dirty,  make their hearts pound and and make them run for home.  The baseball diamonds.
     Connor is playing for Franklin County Tech,  mostly 2nd base,  but some Left Field and Short Stop too.  I have watched him play this game,  the game that he loves since 2nd grade.  Starting as a First Baseman,  then as a Pitcher (that is a position that is both terrifying and exciting.)  He has grown up both physically and emotionally,  turning into a young man and quite a mature one at that.
     To watch him put on his uniform,  lace up his cleats,  don his hat and step onto the field is something that makes me proud every time.  He knows how to both win and lose with grace,  how to know that baseball is the greatest sport of his life,  but it isn’t the end all and be all of his life.  It has made him a well rounded young man and turned him into the man that he is today. A young man that I am very proud of, not just on the diamond but off as well.


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