Roots & Wings


     On Saturday Kyle and Kacie went to her High School Senior Prom.  She was absolutely GORGEOUS,  she looked like the embodiment of a princess.  Just glowing and smiling from ear to ear.  As I watched both of them get dressed and ready,  I couldn’t help but feel so proud and yet emotional at the same time. 


     At one point in time I was adjusting Kyle’s vest and tie because they weren’t straight.  He pulled away and said “what are you doing Mom?,  I said I am fixing you, you aren’t straight.”  He countered with “I’m an adult,  I pay my own taxes,  leave me be”!  I finished straightening him and walked away giggling. 


     He may be an adult in his eyes,  and yes he does pay his own taxes.  But he will always be my son.  No matter how old he is. Roots and Wings,  the ability to give your children a strong foundation,  yet at the same time give them the ability to fly away. 

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