I was just cruising along doing my thing this past weekend,  things were going well.  Then out of the blue Sunday afternoon a migraine arrived.  This was a doozy of a migraine.  It started with nausea, and dizziness like the world wouldn’t stop spinning.  I kept thinking I was gonna toss my cookies at any moment.  Then came the numbness in my hands and fingertips,  a bizarre feeling that never becomes normal.


     I started by taking a shower and popping my migraine meds, and anti-nausea meds,  washing them down with Gatorade. 30 minutes later and the blinding pain and nausea hasn’t abated.  Onto stage 2, the heavier duty anti-nausea meds and more migraine meds,  along with pain meds and more Gatorade.  Finally I sleep because the nausea has abated a bit and the blinding pain has diminished a bit.
     I am very careful about what I eat to keep these debilitating headaches under control.  Minimal processed meats,  no artificial sweeteners,  lots of fresh veggies and fruit and lean protein.  I keep a food journal and nothing that is a trigger has crossed my lips in the passed week.  I am at a loss as to what caused this horrendous headache.


     3 hours of sleep and 3 doses of medication later I am finally feeling human.  The Migraine isn’t completely gone,  but what is left it is tolerable.  Today I was left with the Migraine hangover,  the dull ache that is left,  over my brow bone.  I thought maybe Yoga at the Y would be relaxing tonight and helpful.  I am not sure it helped,  but it didn’t make it worse. 
     One thing I do know for sure is that the lingering effects of this one will take days to leave,  and I am truly done with it.


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