We all bend and sway with our friends and groups.  This group likes Rap Music, this group Country and this group Death Metal.  Or maybe with these group of friends you go to eat Chinese,  while the next group it is Mexican.  

     All of those are superficial adjustments that we make when the crowd mentality kicks in.  We don’t want to be the one lone Chinese Food lover in the Mexican group or vice versa.

     The real issue arises when someone tries to change the fundamental principles of who you are, to match what they want you to be. Akin to telling you that the sky is green when we all know that it is blue.  We all need to find our own path to walk in this life,  sometimes the path a little less traveled may be the one that you are more comfortable with.  But maybe you want the 8 Lane super highway,  all hustle and bustle and lots of commotion.  Those are decisions that only we can make. 


     Trying to live someone else’s dream or ideal of you is like trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are a tad too small.  They will fit,  but never be really comfortable,  find the life that is like the comfy well worn jeans, it is you,  thru and thru. 


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