If I had any illusions that I was tethered to my cell phone those illusions came to a crashing halt on Friday afternoon.  I was on my way to the bank Friday and I had texted my boss to tell him I would be in after I was done.  I glanced down to see if he had responded and my phone was black.  I double tapped the screen to activate it,  all I got was the LG.. Life is Good logo.  Life was seriously not good.  My cell phone was not responding.  Trying not to panic,  I wedged it out of its Otter Box case (which is a feat in itself).  Then pried the case off and pulled the battery out,  waited a minute and popped the battery back in, nothing.  I repeated this 3 times with the same results.  By the end of the third sequence I was seriously pissed off and panicking a combination that is never good.
     I left the paperwork with the bank manager and went downstairs to my husbands shop.  Kyle repeated the process,  inserting his battery,  since we have the same phone.  I was tapping my foot the entire time and generally freaking out.  When it would not come to life for Kyle he handed it back to me and pronounced.  “It’s dead mom,  you wore it out,  it suffers from.. Over work and underpaid syndrome. 
       I called my boss via the landline when and  was as unimpressed as me.  The next call was to AT & T, my dear electronic was under warranty so a new one would be shipped.  I wouldn’t get it till Monday evening.  It was a long weekend without my beloved electronic friend.  I came to realize how dependent on the little beast I am.  No text,  email,  Facebook,  blogs,  words with friends,  Instagram,  or Google Hangouts.  It was a form of withdrawal, and it wasn’t fun. 


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