What The??


I was scrolling through Facebook this evening and this Meme caught my eye.  It actually made me bust out laughing.  Full flown belly laughs.  The kind where I expected someone in my house to ask me “What is so funny Mom?”  No one did,  which was a good thing.
     In light of today’s events this meme just sums everything up completely.


1.  The snow storm that was forecasted didn’t arrive till late today.
2.  Connor had no school due to aforementioned snow storm
3.  I stayed home from work due to the same storm.
4.  The snow didn’t arrive till at least Noon, instead of 9. What is up with that?
5.  Connor is getting over the “Head Cold”  from hell.  Please join me in hoping he doesn’t share it with me.
6.  Hubby has been in a foul mood for over 24 hrs with no explanation.
7.  The Groundhog completely screwed up the forecast and now Winter is here!!??
8.  Now the snow I stayed home today to avoid driving in.  Is on the ground to drive to work in tomorrow.
9.  Along with snow the Groundhog brought ridiculously cold Temps.
10. Today was Monday.. Grrr.  That explains all of the above craziness


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