I’m a little late to the party but over a year into this endeavor I am taking an online Blogging Course.  The first assignment is:
Why we blog? 
It sounds an awful lot like.. Why is there air?  I blog because I need to,  I need to express myself through writing,  get all my emotions out.
Why a blog vs a Diary?
I had a diary as a teenage girl,  just like every other girl.  But it was hidden away,  that was part of the mystique.  A blog is public,  elicits comments from my followers and my Facebook friends.  I don’t always like those comments, but that is the nature of the beast.
What topics Do I Want to Cover?
Now this is tricky,  I don’t necessarily have a list of topics.  I write about what strikes me at the moment.  It could be something going on in my life.  The political climate, my job,  my friends, my family, or something that I come across on Facebook or the Internet that I find interesting or disturbing. In short I write about anything and everything that strikes my fancy at the moment.
Who do I want my Blog to Reach?
This one is easy, everyone on the planet that can read.  But I need to be realistic.  Without advertising and marketing help that is unlikely to happen.  So I will have to be content with writing and reaching the ones that I do.
How Long Will I Blog?
My kids have said that eventually my Blog will get me in trouble.  It may have already done that,  I don’t know.  I do know that I will blog until it is no longer cathartic to me.  I would hope that if anything I wrote or write about offends someone they would come to me,  so that I can address it.


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