As The Dust Settles



  The morning after the Iowa Caucuses has dawned and now there is regrouping to be done.
Here is how the front runners finished:

Ted Cruz              27.6%
Donald Trump     24.3%
Marco Rubio        23.1%

Hillary Clinton     49.9%
Bernie Sanders   49.6%

     Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul have dropped out of the 2016 Presidential Race on the GOP side along with Martin O’Malley for the Democrats. Ben Carson has gone home to Florida to spend time with his family and get some new clothes before continuing on.  Ted Cruz has won the Republican Caucus against Trump, but not by much.  Clinton and Sanders are literally neck and neck. Although statistically Clinton has won Iowa,  it was really a dead heat.   The next stop on the caucus trail being New Hampshire.  Being much closer to Senator Sanders home stomping grounds of Vermont the assumption is that he will do well there,  I tend to agree with that assumption.


     I am a political devotee and have unknowingly created one in my likeness in my household.  To that end the conversations get a bit wild and heated where the politics are concerned.  The hubby just rolls his eyes and walks away,  while the political reverie flies. That being said when November 2016 arrives and we are down to the final candidates I will be happy.  I am tired of watching Donald Trump and his bad hair waltz across the screen and say increasingly stupid things.  It makes me embarrassed to be an American.


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