Today is day 2 of the silly little snow storm that could.  All in all we probably got 5″ out of this little  bugger,  but he brought with him some intense cold.
This morning was odd,  just truly odd.. Check out the time line to see what I mean.

2:00 am: Hubby gets up to let dog out and back in
3:00 am: Hubby’s alarm goes off (his dad is having eye surgery today).. After 5 minutes I poke him and he realizes that his for him and gets up
3:30 am: Hubby leaves after a shower,  needs to plow silly snow before picking up his Dad and heading to hospital
3:50 am: Dog barks,  waking me from a sound sleep,  to go out.. She comes back in 5 min later.  Ps it is 10* outside,  Brr. ❄❄
4:20 am: Kyle’s alarm starts to go off.. I ignore it for 10 minutes,  cover my head with a pillow,  shut my door, but the beeping is obnoxious. 🎶
5:15 am:. Kyle finally gets up and gets his brother up.
5:30 am: I attempt to doze off and the cat  begins to tap at my nose, like nope you are up. 🐱

By now I have a headache from hell from logging all of maybe 5 hours of sleep all night,  Kyle is starting to hack and cough because Connor has shared the head cold with him.  I give up turn my phone on and check Facebook.


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