You Must Be Kidding…



     For as long as I can remember my family has been full of needles.  NOT that kind,  the crafty kind.  My Nana was a Knitter,  my Jama too,  Aunt Ida would Crochet and mom did Cruel.  I could  barely sew on a button and only if out of sheer desperation can I hem a pair of pants.  My Nana could knit,  watch TV and carry on a comprehensive conversation,  but she was left handed there was no way she was teaching any of us.  A friend of my mom’s finally taught her how to knit,  and my mom has knit more baby and toddler sweaters than I have fingers and toes to keep track of them on.

     More than once Mom has tried to teach me to knit,  it has always ended it needles tossed angrily and tarn tangled in a pile.  About a month ago I got the bright idea that I could learn to crochet.  It was only 1 needle,  and how hard could it be?  Oh let me tell you much harder than it looks.  Mom tried,  my friend Nina tried,  I resigned myself to the fact I was a needle crafting failure.

     On a lark I went to Walmart,  got some cheap knitting needles,  downloaded some YouTube videos and gave it a whirl.  The first time was a disaster,  the next time… Success!!  I can knit.. I am working on a scarf,  I changed yarn colors twice and even successfully picked up a dropped stitch from 2 rows before.  I think I have joined the ranks of the needle crafter’s. Thank you for teaching me the special handshake and letting me in.  #blogging101


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