New Year Resolutions

     On most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays you will find me at the YMCA.  Either doing yoga,  a new favorite is a Wednesday night Zumba class or just riding 5 miles on the recombinant bike and doing a trip around the weight circuit.  It my time to “do me”.  I spend time thinking and with the exception of the Zumba class it is very self reflective.  There honestly isn’t much time for self reflection while trying to not trip over my feet for 65 minutes to Latin music.


    Since January 1st the Y is packed with new people as per usual at this time of year.  I am looking at faces I have never seen  before while I am pedaling away tonight.  All trying to stick to their resolutions of working out and eating healthy. 


     By March the newcomers full of their fancy clothes and brand new gadgets and shoes will b gone.  Leaving all of us who just want to be healthy.  Regardless of whether our workout gear matches our water bottles.  One thing will remain,  us with our tunes,  our water bottles and our devotion.


2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

    1. I do remember it, and thought if it when I started Zumba. Afraid it wud kill me like that did but either I am in better shape now or it is just completely different. But I love Zumba


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