I miss you,  your laugh,  your sarcastic wit.  The way that you could make me realize that life just wasn’t so darn serious.  I miss our Facebook chats,  the way you would leave little notes on my wall or comment on my pics or statuses. 
     The realization that missing you may be something that goes on for a long damn time has hit me like a ton of bricks.  I keep pulling those bricks off 1 by one,  and then another memory knocks another pile in.
     I am someone that alternately keeps my emotions locked away,  or wears them out for the world to see.  This one has been locked away,  tight in a vault that would have made the constructors of Ft. Knox very happy.  But that kind of burying has consequences.  I hate those consequences,  but I have no choice in this matter. 
     All I do know is the sadness is no fun and I wish it would break,  pretty damn fast,  because I am done with it. 


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