Some people do their best thinking in the shower or in the bathroom in general.  I will not lie to you I have come up with some pretty awesome ideas while perched on the porcelain throne.  But I seem to have my best ideas at the gym,  while pedaling away on this recombinant bike, the tunes cranked away in my headphones.  I don’t know whether it is the mindless pedaling, the ability to just leave everything behind or the knowledge that no one can get to me for the 30-45 minutes that I am here, but it works.
     I do know that as my legs pedal in time to Don Henley this time.  (Don’t judge me, I am a teenager of the 80’s) I have made a revelation or had an epiphany,  call it what you choose.  My working out is to make me healthier, not to fit into some idea of what the fashion industry thinks I should be.  I watched all those skinny size 2 or even some of them smaller.  (Although praise the one who announced to the world she is a size 6.) Parade their beautifully toned bodies at the Golden Globes  last night,  their dresses cost more than my entire new car and yes they drank champagne,  but probably can’t eat for a week now.  That just isn’t me!!


    I am trying to do better about what I eat,  less carbs,  but the chances of me giving up pasta are about equal with me winning the over billion dollar Powerball Jackpot.  It just isn’t gonna happen.  It is my comfort food,  my happy place, and if I were to give it up I would be a really miserable lady. 
    More lean meats and fresh vegetables and nope the fruit isn’t going either.  I need that in my life in moderation.  And chocolate that isn’t going either,  cuz that would really make this mamma bear unhappy.   If all those things mean that I am destined to be a curvy size 10/12/14 I will take it.  My curves are what make me, me.  Without them I would be an unhappy stick figure. 


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