Wrap Up

As 2015 winds down and 2016 starts I have taken a little time to reflect on what has happened in the past year.  Both of my boys now have great girlfriends,  girls that are fun and respectful to be with.  I lost my last grandparent and my great aunt.  Both were 98, both died on the same day and we’re born a week apart.  The loss of both of them hurt me more than I thought it would,  mostly because it is the last of that generation.
      I vowed I will take more pics of my parents,  when Kyle asked does my Nana look like your Nana.  Meaning does my Mom look like her Mom.  My Nana hated her picture taken with a passion,  I have to hunt thru photo albums to find a few pictures of her.  And the short answer is yes she does. 
     She was a 5 foot tall spitfire of a woman, in constant motion, that weighed all of 105 pounds on a good day.  She had a Napoleon Complex and drove a big Ford LTD car and had to have a pillow on the seat so she could see over the steering wheel.  Her world revolved around my brother and I as her only grandchildren.
     We bought a brand new car, that already has 11k miles on it.  Living in the boondocks means u have to drive miles to get anywhere.  I got Red,  yeah!!,  I know I will have to slow down cause I drive to fast for a Red car.
     Kyle graduated from High School and I managed to get the ceremony with only misty eyes and no real tears.  I was pretty damn proud of myself.  Considering when he graduated from 6th grade I was a blubbering mess.  I make no promises about Connor’s graduation though.
    All in all 2015 can go in the books and be closed and locked.  I am looking forward to 2016. Bring it on.!!!



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