Do Your Job!!



      If you by chance you do not know who Kim Davis is, you are either lucky or pay no attention to current events.  Kim Davis,  Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk believed that her religious beliefs should outweigh the Federal Law allowing Same-sex Marriage.  After multiple warnings and and chastisement Mrs. Davis was arrested.  She was arrested for 1 reason and 1 reason only.  She refused to issue marriage licenses,  which is part of her job.  She didn’t step aside and have one of her deputies do it.  She flat out refused to allow her office to issue licenses to same sex couples. 
     Mrs.  Davis has been married 4 times. Twice to the same man, technically has children out of wedlock, but professes to be a “good God-fearing  Christian”.  Mostly because it fits her agenda and plan at the moment.
     Mrs.  Davis was released from jail today,  but if she returns to work she will have to issue same sex marriage licenses.  Something she has steadfastly refused to do. Her deputies will continue to issue licenses, even if they are told to stop by her.  This is what they stated today.
     This is very simple.  The US Supreme Court upheld the law making it legal for same sex marriages to occur in every 50 states in this nation.  The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the land.  The final stopping place on the legal trail of appeals.
      Those that say that the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over this seem to forget Brown vs.  Board of Education and Roe vs Wade.  These are all landmark cases taken all the way to the Supreme Court. 
     I am not disputing that Mrs. Davis has the right to her religious beliefs.  She just can not cram them down everyone else’s throat and refuse to do her job while standing on her religious soapbox.  If she doesn’t want or can’t perform her job with all of its assigned duties because she is morally or religiously opposed.  Then she is free to resign or go back to jail, those are her choices.


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