There seems to be an awful lot of shaming going around lately.  Parents shaming their children on-line for behavior that they find inappropriate.  With shaming behavior that I find equally as repulsive.  I saw a post today on fb of a father holding up a sign in front of his son, detailing all his sons bullying behavior.  I abhor bullying,  it is an act committed by cowards.  That doesn’t mean that I agree with the behavior from the father.  He is just as much a bully as his son is,  he bullied his son.  Shaming him on the same social media that the son used for his bullying.  What comes to mind is the old but wise saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”.
     I am sure in the fathers eyes he is calling his son out and showing the world what a good parent he is.  In my eyes he is showing us all he can embarrass his son on a world wide level.  Way to go dad,  not!!
     This has occurred in other instances, that don’t include social media posting.  Cases of parents making their children hold posters on busy streets saying they skipped school, or are flanking classes or stole something.  These are all instances to make the teenagers feel tiny and ashamed and the parents feel empowered and in charge.  Hello these teens live in your house,  you are in charge,  you don’t need shaming signs to accomplish that.                                              Last year there was a Barber that was giving young African American children old man haircuts for free, on their parents request if they were not doing well in school.  Another kind of shaming, and what does it accomplish? Nothing but making the kids stand out and feel self conscious. 
     I know it takes a village to raise children, but this village needs to be better behaved, informed and less retaliatory.


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