Movin On Up



     We finally did it,  after 2 years of test driving and researching and procrastination we bought a new car.  My 2005 Honda Pilot with over 217K miles on it was traded in and will go off to a wholesaler.  There is no escaping that we put a lot of miles on a car,  so leasing is out of the question.  When you live in a rural area leasing a vehicle makes little sense.  Having to travel 40 miles to work each day eats up the 12k allowable lease mileage really fast.
        I honestly feel like I have test driven every mid size SUV in my price class in the past 2 years.  (That is excluding BMW,  Audi, Porche, or Lexus.) I can give you their MPG,  their sizes,  and their standard features.
     I am proud to say decision made,  car bought,  I didn’t feel like a needed a shower after the process. 


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