Grow Up



    Do we ever really grow up and stop needing our parents?  My answer to that would be a resounding NO!!  Just because I am an adult does not mean I don’t need my Mom and Dad.  They raised me with great values, morals and standards.  Taught me how to be an adult,  how to be a good parent,  how to succeed and most of all how to accept my failures. With failures come the ability to learn,  grow and move forward. 
     Sometimes  admitting you don’t have all the answers or that your answers are wrong can be hard.  It is one of the parts of adulting that really sucks.  Admitting that you don’t know everything is both humbling and embarrassing at the same time.  Humbling I can do,  embarrassing not so much.
     Looking to your parents for the answers is both easy and hard all at the same time.  Easy because I know that they have them,  and hard because I don’t want to disappoint them.  In my eyes I am an adult with children of my own,  who look to me for answers.  Why should I have to look to someone else,  why should I not have all of them?  Realistically I know that is just pride and Irish Stubbornness getting in my way,  but I want to prove that I can do it on my own.
     The reality is no one can do this all alone,  I am truly fortunate to have amazing and fantastic parents.  They have taught me how to be independent and strong and tough.  But have also showed me that there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help.


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