The 1985 HVRHS Graduates

     This past weekend I had a chance to attend my 30th High School Reunion.  It really is no secret to anyone who knows me at all that I hated high school.  I was shy, scared, didn’t fit in with the “in crowd”  “the jocks” or “the stoners”.  I had my small group of core friends,  none who were going to the reunion. 

The SCS Graduates


     I had decided,  with information from others that had done this before that once you get to 30 years.  All pretenses are gone,  you are who you are,  the cliques are gone and everyone just gets along. I was pleasantly surprised,  because it happened.  We all laughed and chatted and danced (in a big group,  no coupling off like in high school).  We sat at dinner and ate and talked about old times,  silly things that happened,  what we are doing now.  How old our children are,  what they are doing now,  how long we have been married (if we are married).  Some had grandchildren,  while some have children in kindergarten.
     Suffice to say we have all grown up.  It was an experience I truly enjoyed.  I only wished that I hadn’t been so shy while I was in High School.  Maybe I would have enjoyed my 4 years there as well. 

A great time was had--- can't wait for the next one


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