No Sense



      On the way home on the radio I heard a story about a man who caused a ruckus outside a Starbucks Coffee Shop in the Tampa Florida area. Mr. Rowan berated each and every customer that parked in the designated handicapped spaces, without proper license plates or hang tags to do so.


Telling them that those parking spaces were designated for other people, who were indeed handicapped. (Mr. Rowan’s son-in-law suffers from muscular dystrophy and he is well aware that finding a handicapped spot when needed can be difficult)
     Starbuck’s Management told him to leave the premises, stating “he was disrupting their customers”. In the mail about a week later he received a piece of mail from Starbucks Coffee. Thinking it might be an apology he quickly opened it. Instead it was a written order barring him from entry into any Starbucks Coffee Shop within the US!!!! (After getting a public backlash Starbucks has lifted their forever/everywhere ban.)
     My mom has a Hugo Walker, the kind with the big wheels and a wheelchair as well. I am a proud defender of those handicapped parking spaces. They are meant for people who are truly handicapped. Not those who just need to get their Latte’s and cappuccinos and half cafs, and hibiscus refreshers quicker and with less fuss than the rest of the customers.
     I applaud Mr. Rowan for his public actions, I have been known to glare at people parking in the handicapped spots, when they hop out of their cars and sprint to the store. Those spots are for people who need them, and by Starbucks choosing to allow their customers to break the law and park in spots that they aren’t entitled to. It gives this New Englander more reason to be a Dunkin Devotee for life. This girl runs on Dunkin!!!


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