We live in a country that has a Federal Minimum Wage of $7.90 as of 2015, in the state of Massachusetts (where I reside that minimum wage is $9.00 per hour.) To be clear the Federal minimum wage takes over if you reside in a state that does not have a minimum wage. I don’t know of anyone that can survive on $9.00 per hour, never mind $7.90 per hour. That money needs to pay rent, a car payment, insurance, groceries, a cell phone. It just isn’t feasible.
     There is a current movement to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. With this comes an uproar that customers won’t be able to afford the fast food and other commodities produced by minimum wage employees. Basic economics proves that is wrong, all wages along the spectrum will increase and the curve will balance.
     The other complaint is that an Army Private does not make $15.00 an hr, why should someone flipping burgers make that. An Army Private takes their life in their hand, a McDonald’s worker does not. All those arguments are perfectly valid. But there is one that is missing, an Army Private lives in base and is fed in a Mess Hall. He or she does not need to pay for food or housing out of that wage. Therefore theirs goes much farther. I support our troops, in every way shape and form, but using them as fodder in this argument is just wrong!!
    Apples and Oranges people, if you all want to complain about a raise in Minimum Wage, at least use a valid argument. Not one that just fits your ideals and preconceived notions.


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