Worth the Wait



It has been at least 3 years if not more since we have taken any sort of family vacation. All parts of life have gotten in the way. Tournament baseball, work, illness, just too much going on to try and plan some time off. This year planning, time and all of Neptune’s Moons aligned and we were able to take a 4 day family vacation.
     Kyle’s amazing girlfriend Kacie, and yes she is truly amazing. Her dad Nick owns a beach house. He allowed us to use the bottom floor for 4 days, while he and his family where on the top floor. He also entertained us, and fed us the first night, all of us. Kyle and Kacie had some friends from school that came to spend the night. Nick made dinner for all of us, Pasta, Taco Salad, Burgers, Soda for the kids, Beer or Wine for us Adults.  I was blown away. At 10:15 the town set off fireworks from a barge in the ocean, right in front of the house. Like they were done for us!!🎊🎊
     The next day we all spent the day basking in the sun, and the 2 days that followed, we did more of the same. Beach, eat lunch, more beach, walk by the ocean, have dinner, walk to the center get ice cream, walk home, go to bed. It was a glorious 4 days and completely worth the wait!!!!


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