I am really tired of seeing Blog Posts and articles about “You are Enough”, “Or How to Draw the Line”. I realize many of them are about how not to run yourself ragged on over crafting and over doing for your children and everyone else in your life. That part of being “enough” I get. I retired my hot glue gun a long time ago. It only comes out on special occasions when I truly want to make something look pretty. The part about being ENOUGH that I don’t agree with is this. I am an every changing being. I am always evolving, I will NEVER be enough for me, I always want to be a better version of ME. I want MORE education, I want to know how to do things BETTER. 

I am still plodding away on the on-line CPA refresher courses, that is something that I do for ME, last weekend I took a bread baking class with my sister-in-law. We learned to make baguettes, the scale is not happy, but oh it was so much fun. Those are things I do for me. I get my hair done every 6-8 weeks, to keep the grey under control, because no matter how lovingly you tell me those are strands of glitter growing out of my head. They are still wiry strands of grey hair. I know I worked hard for those grey hair, but I much prefer the red/gold/blonde combination that my stylist can create out of them. I try to get my body to the YMCA at least once if not twice a week and swim 1-2 miles. It is as much for my strength, and my health as it is for my sanity. No one can talk to me for the hour that I am in the pool. With my goggles, ear plugs and bright pink swim cap on. I am locked away from the world in my own cocoon of watery peace.

These versions of “enoughness” and yes I just created that word, it sounds pretty good. I do for me. My version of ENOUGH is to make me happy, not the rest of the world. I do a crap load of the other kind of that, dinner prep, laundry, kids to sports, and someday I know I will miss it when it is gone. So I intersperse their ENOUGH with MINE to come up with a BALANCE that makes my life work.

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