In the past 2 days I have seen a story about parents who locked there child outside the house and made her sleep in a tent approximately 1/4 mile from the house. For the offense of eating a Pop-Tart!!!  A Pop-Tart I say, this teenage girl all of 14 years old was banished to a tent with a roll of toilet paper, and a whistle. She was told to report at a certain time of day to get her food. If she wasn’t there, than she didn’t get fed. These parents have lost their minds, someone finally figured out what was going on, reported them to the authorities. That young girl was placed in DSS custody, her 4 siblings were placed with their grandparents and the parents were transported to jail. Exactly where they all need to be.
     Shortly after viewing that story I saw another one that was even more disturbing. A 22 year old man in CT jumped off a bridge into the CT river, which is traumatic and terrible all on it’s own. What makes this even more tragic is he had in his arms his 2 year old son. The 22 year old survived and was transported to a hospital. His toddler son was not so lucky, they found his body today, approximately 5 miles downstream from where his father plunged them into the river.
     Both of these stories have left me confused, shaking my head and wondering. Did these people think their children were commodities, things, possessions?  Did they not view them as human beings, to be loved and cherished? I truly do not understand some of my fellow humans sometimes.

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