A Beautiful Dance



      In the span of 2 days SCOTUS has upheld Obamacare and given LGBT couples the right to marry in all 50 states in the USA. To say that Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia is pissed off is a vast understatement. He is pouting like a 3 year old that someone took away his Matchbox Cars and told him it was nap time. I hate to break it to you Justice Scalia but the world around you has changed. Obamacare or The ACA gives Americans Health Care. Something that you as a Supreme Court Justice have anyway, but maybe the man that changes the oil in your car, or walks your dog, or trims your hedges does not. At least not without ACA. I know Obamacare has its flaws, but until we as a nation can make the leap to single-payer health insurance. This is the stop gap measure. Single-payer health insurance will face the large insurance lobby as its major stumbling block to success.
     As for the second ruling, the one that gave every american the ability to marry. I am unequivocally happy about it. There is absolutely no reason that gays should not be allowed to enter into the institution of holy matrimony in every state in this Union. Allowing each state to set their own rules was tantamount to having different currency for each state. It made no sense, we all live in this big crazy melting pot of a country, and we all need to play by the same matrimonial laws. As for Justice Scalia, if he cant seem to get with the times, then maybe he should vacate his post for someone who can?!


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