Father’s Day

     I am a lucky girl, a very lucky girl. I have a really cool dad and I will be the first to admit I am a Daddy’s Girl. I went everywhere with my Dad. To the hardware store, to the dump, to the lumberyard, just anywhere he went I was his sidekick.
     My dad taught me that there wasn’t much a girl couldn’t do, hammer nails, paint a room change your own oil, drive a stick, fix holes in walls, hang a picture (straight of course) write a kick ass resume, make amazing fried chicken, strip paint off furniture, mow the lawn and even change a tire.
     As a little girl my dad was my hero, there was nothing he couldn’t do. If I broke it he could fix it. He was my Superman, he dried my tears and fixed every thing. He coached everything in town. Basketball, baseball, he was harder on me than anyone else, and I was not athletically inclined. I kept score for everything he coached for that I didn’t play, just to go with him. He was well loved and respected, as Coach Whalen, my Dad, doing his thing!!
     He worked hard, as a Postal Employee, first as a Window Clerk, then as a Postmaster. On weekends he would bartend private parties so my Mom could be home with us. He built additions on our house, a porch, a den, a garage with an addition to it, a new bedroom and bathroom for my Mom. They have been married 49 years, that is a feat in itself.❤
     He would tell you that he was just doing what Dads do, but in my eyes he is my Superman.  His fuel is coffee and his kryptonite is oysters!!!


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