It seems that the societal norm has changed. When I was growing up there were just certain words that were not to be uttered, they included Nigger, Cunt, Fuck, Slut, Bitch and Whore. These days it seems that there is no word off limits, or rather no word off limits to certain sections of the population. The young  men call each other Niggas without giving one single thought to what that word means. It was the derogatory name given to the slaves by the plantation owners. Yet they think it is cool to call each other it, as a form of endearment.
     In the same breath they call their young ladies Bitches and Whores, and the women respond to those terms without complaint. I for one will not stand for a man calling me any of those names.
     Along with the societal norm changing has come a double standard. If we, and I say we encompassing those of us that are not black. Were to use those names or terms of endearment as they refer to them. Then we are considered racist. 
      I have a suggestion for every one concerning these words. Let’s just remove them. Remove them from the standard vocabulary, remove them from the slang, remove them from the music.  By allowing one section of the population to use those words, it has both reinforced the degradation as well as continued to reinforce the class system that we fight against on a daily basis.
     I would hazard to guess that if you were to use any of these words in the corporate workplace you would find your job gone and  your office belongings handed to you in a cardboard box. My suggestion to all that think these words are appropriate would be to remember where they are derived from.

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