I have been known to tell my children that “life isn’t fair, a fair is a place we go to ride rides and eat funnel cakes.”  This year of Babe Ruth Baseball has totally brought that home to me. Connor plays on a team with 13 other boys,  with ages from 12-15. Connor has played baseball since he was old enough to toss a ball, it really is his game of choice.
     He has played Cal Ripken Little League, Middle School Ball, High School Ball, Tournament Ball and Babe Ruth. As you can see his life revolves around baseballs, gloves and bats. This is the last year that he will be eligible to play Babe Ruth, he will be too old next year. He is one of the senior players on the team. Yet he has spent time warming the bench this year, so that the 7th and 8th grade favorites of the coach can play.  That is above and beyond not fair, that is just true sorry coaching.
     I am not looking for my son to be given anything other than what he is due. He is a great shortstop and second baseman. He has been hitting the crap out of the ball, and when he gets on base you can bet your butt he is gonna steal bases and score if given the chance.
     15 year olds have paid their dues to play every inning of every game in this league. Next year if they play they will have to be at the bottom of the barrel playing Mickey Mantel. Connor loves the “Great American Game”,  but has chosen not to play Babe Ruth Tournament Ball this summer, because it means playing for this coach. So in the span of one season you have destroyed baseball for him. Congratulations, for a job not well done.


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