Good Kids



    My oldest son graduated from High School on Friday, well to be specific he graduated from a Regional Technical High School. 4 years ago when he decided this was the path he wanted, to say I was not impressed would have been a mild understatement. My vision was a child who graduated from a “standard”  high school, and then attended college. To hear my first born tell me that it wasn’t his plan hurt me deeply. Wishing and hoping something is true wont make it so though.
     Four years later, last Friday night my oldest walked across the stage to receive his diploma at FCTS in the Plumbing and HVAC Department. He is OSHA 10 Certified, First Aid and CPR Certified, and Uponor Certified (which is a specific kind of PEX Tubing).  I couldn’t have been prouder, even though it was not the initial plan I had envisioned for him.
     He has learned the value of hard work, is learning a trade, and has made his Dad and I proud along the way. My best friend told me before his graduation to enjoy the day and the moment, that this day was just as much about him as it was about his Dad and I and our achievement as parents. When I look back over his 12 years of school plus 2 years of pre-school. I can’t help but think she is right.
     Good kids don’t raise themselves, they are raised by good parents. Parents that tug and pull and prod through 12 and sometimes more years of school to get them where they need to be. Parents who truck them to baseball and football and golf practices. Who figure out the summer schedule a so Mom and Dad can work and the kids have a safe place to be. Parents who are happy when they are old enough to be left home alone, but terrified when they learn to drive. Parents that are willing to help along the way, but don’t shoulder the entire burden, because kids need to understand how tough the world is, just not all at once. I am proud to be one of those parents, I raised 2 good kids!!!:)


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