Thank You For Boys

     When I was pregnant both times I asked for girls, I truly did. I wanted a house full of hair ties, make up, glitter, fun clothes and alas drama. Both times I was blessed with boys, my hubby says it is because he only carries Male sperm, whatever the reason. I am surrounded by way too much testosterone in my house.
    When I go clothes shopping I am thankful that my wishes weren’t answered. My boys live in jeans, t-shirts, some with questionable sayings, shorts that are long enough they really could be Capri’s. Sneakers, they swear that their feet don’t need air so they refuse to wear sandals, and tank tops or muscle shirts once it gets warm enough.
     When shopping I never have the fight of, “no you can’t wear that it doesn’t cover your body parts.” I have more of a fight to get them into nice clothes and out of their Chippewa boots and baseball hats if we are going somewhere that the occasion demands it.
   So for all of you mothers of teen girls, I envy you the fun clothes and prom dress shopping that you had, but at the same time. My drama in regards to clothes is way less. Oh I have other drama, trust me on this, drama that you don’t even want to know about, but at least their body parts are covered.

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