I have come to the conclusion that someone knew what they were doing when they made sure boys had both Moms and Dads. My youngest son is the epitome of a whirling dervish, being still is torture for him, and his father completely feeds that energy.
     In the span of 6 short weeks he has fractured his ankle and sustained a concussion. The fracture occurred during baseball practice and the concussion occurred this Monday during Gym while playing baseball, and to think I am worried about him playing football next year, at least they will give him a helmet and pads.
     While his Dad feeds the energy, and can’t understand why he is supposed to rest his injured parts. I am the one telling him that he has to rest his injured ankle so it doesn’t develop arthritis. What 15 year old cares about arthritis?  And I am now telling him that he has to rest his brain.
     A teenage brain is still “cooking”.  He needs to rest it, so that he can properly heal, that means sleep, minimal eye and brain stimulation. I know what it means, but now try putting it into effect with a 15 year old that can’t be still. He is sure that I am punishing him and at this point can’t understand why he can’t go to school until next Monday!!  His Dad though I love him just doesn’t get “Concussion Protocol”, and thinks I am being ridiculous. I just roll my eyes and tell him that he has probably had many concussions, and maybe that is why he is like he is👀👀.
     Knowing that I am doing the best for my kids, makes it right, even if I have to fight with the hubby about it. He may get it some day, but until then I will keep doing my thing.


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