It is all Just Crap


I have always stuck to the conversation rule that there just are a few things that shouldn’t be discussed amongst friends, that is if you want to remain friends with them. Religion and Politics top the list.  With the way things are turning in this country that remains harder and harder to do.
     Every time I flip on the news or scroll thru my Facebook Newsfeed I am assaulted by a constant stream of what I term “Ultra-Conservative” Views. Views that constantly tell young women that the only way to be perfect is to be “pure of heart, soul and body”, telling them that sex is evil, that their bodies are not truly their own. These same views I believe are the driving force behind the absurd dress codes that are finding their way into our schools. No tank tops, or camisoles, or sun dresses, skirts have to be an appropriate length, as well as shorts. But on the other hand young boys can wear jeans with their asses hanging out and tight white tank tops termed “wife beaters” . The name one appalls me, never mind the double standard.
     How about we teach our young men to be better behaved instead of teaching our young girls that  their bodies are to be ashamed of. Since when did shoulders and backs and knees or thighs become distracting? Heavens we are not in the 1800’s, it is 2015!!!  I am in no way shape or form advocating that we allow our young girls to walk the streets dressed like hoochie mamas. I am instead advocating that we make our young boys take responsibility for their words ,actions and behaviors!!!
     These same groups of people refuse to allow sex education to be taught to their children, citing it will encourage them to have sex. Entire school districts have banned sex ed because the Church Forbids it.  Wait a minute…back up!!!  We live in a country where church and state are separate…since when did that become ok???
     Since the extreme right, ultra conservatives have taken over, and the fear-mongers have let them.  Chipping away at the females rights a little at a time, and most of us don’t even notice, unless our lives are impacted.
     Purity Balls, virginity cards, devoting yourself to Jesus until you are old enough to marry. Never dating a young man, no kissing, hand holding until your Father decides you will marry and he picks out one for you. Have we been transported back 100 years, and maybe to another country?  Women of the early 1900’s fought for our right to vote, and drive and now the religious nuts are slowly but surely trying to take it all away!!!
     I will be damned if I will let that happen. I was raised Catholic, not crazy Christian and I am just fine with that. I will be the first to admit us Catholics are a bit nuttier than a Christmas Fruitcake with our rules.  Not to mention our scandals have gotten our Priests in a whole lot of trouble over the years.  We are not generally the kind of religious people that want to cram ours down your throat, we are a little more reserved, but we do like our offering plate.  So please lets all keep our religion to ourselves, in our respective Churches or Temples or Mosques where they belong and not part of our political views or our voting practices.   Because truly when you try to shove it down my throat, I am liable to get all high and mighty in your face about what I don’t like about your religion, and trust me, you really won’t like that.


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