Modern Conveniences



     I am the first person to admit that I can’t live without the modern conveniences in life. The idea of living without running water, electricity or indoor plumbing, those things do not interest me. When the power goes out and nothing in my house works, Ugh I am not a happy lady. So the thought of voluntarily choosing to live off the grid, is not one that would ever cross my mind.


     On the news this morning I saw a story of a family that had their children removed due to living “off the grid”.  That I think is extreme, were the children abused, under nourished?  There must be a reason that Kentucky DSS has removed them from the parent’s custody.  But the headline that “Parents living off the grid, had children removed”, is just way too easy for the media to ignore. I do personally know that I am not a fan of outhouses to do my business in. Hell I don’t even like a Port-a-potty if I can avoid one.  Generators for a source of power would drive me bonkers, we have one for emergencies, the thing is loud and temperamental as well. Just give me the kind of power where I flip a switch and the lights come on!!:idea::idea:


2 thoughts on “Modern Conveniences

  1. I can’t believe they would take the children if there were not a plausible explanation. The State gives great leaniancy to families and to be without certain necessities should not be a reason because up in Kentucky there are thousands of families that live the same way. With that being said, modern conveniences should be installed so as to have clean water, etc


    1. I am sure there is more to the story than first blush, some additional reports hinted at sexual abuse by the father. That could have been the reason for the taking of the children.


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