Fashion rules specifically, and I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. No white before Memorial Day, Or after Labor Day. No horizontal stripes if you wear a size larger than a 4 Who the heck wears a Size 4 as an adult?  But that is for a whole different blog post.  Black is super slimming, white makes you look like a whale, no bright colors-they just draw attention to you. No loud prints, just tiny all over prints. Long skirts only, how dare a larger woman show her legs!  Oh and a bathing suit, eek that is just horrible territory. Mostly black and cover everything, unless you look like a VS Model and in that case, well just let it hang out because the skimpier the better. The rules are just mind boggling and seem to go on forever.


This is my outfit today, hmmm it violates so many of those rules. Horizontal stripes, white and it isn’t Memorial Day yet, the bright color sweater that draws attention to me. Yikes all the things that I shouldn’t do!! And I am honestly not too concerned abt anything other than that. Clothes should make you feel good, if they don’t, who the hell cares how many rules you are following!  Are all of your important parts covered, are you breaking any laws in regards to indecent exposure?  As long as you have answered yes and no to those 2 questions, Then Go For It!!


Because the above Meme is my motto. As long as I am confident, I could be dressed in a paper bag and still look absolutely fantastic!☺:)

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