I have heard people say countless times that “Your life can change in the blink of an eye, so tell your loved ones how you feel now.”  This adage became glaringly apparent this week. On Wednesday Evening while my boss was walking to his truck from the local Pizza Parlor, while carrying 2 pizzas n grinders, his arms laden with food. He was confronted by an angry customer of ours. He is an electrician, this customer owed us a small amount of money, and after multiple collection calls with no results. He had me take them to Small Claims Court as a last resort.
     This customer sucker punched him in the face 3 times, he fell down and struck his head on the cement steps, losing consciousness. He was rushed to the local hospital, and then transferred to a larger Trauma Unit. He has suffered memory loss, and asks the same 3 questions of his wife over and over again.
1.  Was I drunk?
2.  Where is my truck?
3.  Where do we live?

     It is unknown at this time what the future holds for this man. A man with a great business, an amazing wife and 2 wonderful little boys that love their dad. He has a successful electrical contracting business, and is well known in the community. Literally in the blink if an eye this all was put in jeopardy by someone who couldn’t see beyond their anger and selfishness.
     Someone who couldn’t see that the debt owed to our business was a business transaction, nothing personal. By adding violence to the mix he made it personal. He turned it into a personal vendetta, and in the process changed 2 lives forever, he will now spend some time behind bars reflecting on what he has done, and the choices he has made. While my boss will spend the forseable future recovering.
     So I remind all of you to hug your children tight, along with your significant others and parents and any other loved ones. Because in the blink of an eye your life can change.


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