Total Idiocy



Sometimes being an adult and taking the High Road is the hardest thing you can possibly do. We have all seen the internet memes circulating that say things like..”Don’t Make Me Adult Today”, “If you need me I will be in my blanket fort with my crayons”.


If only life were that easy?  Somehow once you reach adulthood there are parts of life that get way too complicated. Invariably you think you are doing the right thing and it blows up in your face just like a homemade pipe bomb. A friend calls into question your motives, and you find yourself explaining yourself like a 5 year old with your hand caught in the cookie jar, or the teenager that was caught out after curfew. Neither one of those are optimal scenarios, and at times you wonder, “what am I doing?  I am an adult, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone”. When in reality we spend our lives explaining our actions to others.
     Whether they are our parents when we are children, then our play mates as we enter elementary school. Our true friends and trouble makers once we are in high school an even into college. Then we find ourselves explaining our actions to bosses and significant others as we age, and then our own children as we discipline them. And somewhere along the way, unless we live the lives of Mother Teresa, or the Pope we are gonna have to explain or apologize to a friend for stuffing our foot so far down our throats that we can see our toes protruding out the other end.
     That is just the deal with having relationships, and we all have to face up to the simple fact, and it is pretty hard to digest at times. I know it is for me right now.


  I know that we can be complete assholes. No matter how hard we try to be perfect and saintly, and easy to get along with. Sometimes we just get cranky, miserable and we don’t do the right thing.
     That doesn’t mean we are complete idiots all the time, it just means at that moment we had a lapse in our good judgement, we spoke without thinking, we didn’t mean to hurt anyone, or hell who knows what we were thinking.
     We just now know that damage control is in the cards..and fast. Sometimes the harsh reality of being an adult is that you may not be able to do enough damage control, apologies may not be accepted, others may not believe that you did things without malice.
     Sometimes you just have to chalk this idiocy up the a life experience, being an adult, file those memories away and move on. Remember what you did, the mistakes that you made, vow not to make them again and do your best to be an adult.


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