You Are Where You Are Supposed to Be


     I don’t generally believe in God, like in the whole, he has a plan, he is in charge of everything.  I am more of a whatever I do has consequences, and these consequences have led me to where I am at this moment. Some of these choices have been good, college, graduate degree, marriage, children, leaving a job I hated, landing with a job I love. Others have been questionable, odd choices in friends, opening my mouth when keeping it shut would have really made more sense, the multiple speeding tickets because I both like to drive fast and I also am perennially late. Odd and even destructive choices in men along the way. The phrase “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming” is completely true.
     I believe that the big choices in life have led me to where I am now. The Married Mother of 2 Teenage Boys, with a degree in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and working towards a CPA. Surrounded by a husband who both loves me and drives me nuts at any given moment, a dog that listens to me rant and rave when no one else does. 2 cats that are convinced that it is my mission in life to serve them. My 2 sons,.that either love or hate each other, depending on the day. They are making me very proud, growing into very mature, adult gentlemen. Ready to take on the world, when they can manage to get their clothes down the laundry chute.
     I am surrounded by friends, both female and male that make my life worth living, they make me laugh, sometimes cry. They show me what love is, what devotion and need are too. My best friend in the entire world, my un-biological sister Kathy. The person that I turn to when things are so out if whack I just can’t put my puzzle pieces back together.
     We have been friends for almost 30 years, we were thrown together in a college dorm in 1985, and have friends since. We are as different as 2 humans can be, I am the type A accountant, and she is the more relaxed social worker. But together we fit, like the puzzle.
     So all in all I believe that the choices I made have brought me to the place I am, not God, not a higher being I can’t see or touch or smell. It is the Type A thing again, I have to be able to verify it, and I can verify my choices!!


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