Some of you may know that I belong to an online health club group, called the Single Dad Laughing Health Club. From her on forth known as SDLHC, I know that last line sounded like a lawyer, but I really didn’t want to type the whole name over again the whole time.
     This group is full of amazing people, they have motivated me to keep swimming even when I don’t want to get my ass up cuz it is too cold, to take a yoga class even though I am sure that I am too fat and the whole class will be laughing at me, to take an early morning core class and get my body in better shape than I ever thought possible. Every time I want to give up, hit the snooze button, shave laps off my 2 miles in the morning I think of these people. They push me to go further than I ever thought possible. The funny thing is I have never met any of these people face to face, but that doesn’t make them any less motivating.
     41 of these super motivating people did something that I find truly and absolutely beyond the scope of my imagination last weekend. They ran a Tough Mudder, they did the Icy Enema, The Electroshock Therapy, Birth Canal, Funky Monkey, and all the others, climbed the multiple walls, sloshed and hauled through countless tons of mud and water. They walked, and ran and laughed and giggled in the Arizona Desert. All in the name of exercise, camaraderie, friendship, motivation and fun.
     I am super proud of all of them, and never doubted for a New York minute that any of them could complete this course. I also know in my heart of hearts that there is no way I could do a Tough Mudder, my fear of heights will forever keep me from scaling those walls. In one thought and breath I think these people are crazy as bed bugs, and in the next breath, I know they have accomplished something I will never have the cojones to do!!!

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