Stop The Wheel

     2 nights ago I took my 18 yr old shopping for his Prom Tux. As he was trying on pants (and complaining he didn’t like the ones with stripes), and shirts, and jackets. It hit me, like the proverbial freight train. He is almost gone, gone like out of high school, no longer my little boy.
       We managed to pick out the correct tux, meaning the one Mr. Shy could tolerate. No striped pants, no ruffly things on the shirt, a navy blue vest and regular tie, not a Prom Bow Tie and a Silver Pocket Square. All to compliment his girlfriend’s gown, the texts and selfies flying back and forth thru this whole process was both hysterical, amazing and humbling. I was writing the check but didn’t have much say other than that.
     After the tux fitting process was completed we headed to 99 for dinner, because food means just about everything to a teenage boy. We were discussing Prom, and other upcoming events, his final Capstone Project is due May 8th, and what is going on in his shop. I was asking him about his plans for the future. He started talking about Apprentice Hours, Journeyman Licenses, Tier 4 and 5 classes, Master’s Plumbers Licenses, and the option of working on the gas pipeline. My eyes glazed over during a lot of that, but I was jolted back awake when he mentioned Gas Pipeline. That requires a significant move out of state.
     “Gas Pipeline?”  I said…where did that idea come from?  “It is an option, and I am exploring it” Kyle responded.
My brain started to digest all that, let it run through all the roller coaster synapses and just deal with it.
     Then to just further push me off the diving board into reality, he says “Mom, I am graduating on June 10th, Connor will be 15 on the 15th of this month, and next year he will have his license, we are growing up.” 
     In that moment, I realized that my boys are growing up. My mom always said once they go to school, it goes so fast, she was so right. I couldn’t be prouder of my boys. They are growing into responsible young men and finding
their way in this world.
     I will always be their Mom, but it is sure making me feel old. I want the world to slow down, I want the wheel to stop spinning, please. I just want a few more times with them to be little, I hear people saying “oh no my child wants to sleep with me”, and I say cherish those cuddle moments. Soon they won’t want to cuddle with you, they will only want to cuddle with their girlfriends or boyfriends, and you will be relegated to the human ATM, and the person who provides the cell phone.

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