Take No Shit


     This post is inspired by this meme or photo that I saw on my friend Steven Abbott’s Facebook Timeline this morning. (I will send him a link to view it, granted his posting of this meme is for a way different reason than my rant that will follow, but an inspiration is an inspiration)
     I have spent the last 4 days fighting with the local Youth Baseball League to get them to understand a simple concept, or what I view as a simple concept. We belong to the Cal Ripken Association, for our Insurance and Rules. One of the Board Members, or shall I call them rocket scientists (in jest) decided that we would not renew our membership and have each town involved get our own insurance. Just like Health Insurance, the more people in the pool, the cheaper the policy is.
     This involves liability insurance on each field, and accident insurance on each member of each team. The board just assumed because the teams played on our elementary school fields, after school hours, these teams would be covered under the school’s liability policy. They will NOT be covered under that insurance, and that assumption made the proverbial ass out of u and me.
     After shooting e-mails back and forth to these Board Members and receiving placating, you don’t know what you are talking about mails in return. I finally got one on the phone and lost it with him. Explaining that they didn’t do their research, their due diligence. They made a hasty decision that effects everyone in the league with no regard as to how, 2 weeks before sign ups.
     The sign up fees for my town will go from $55.00 to $90.00, all because this board just didn’t bother to think, or shall I say look before they leap. The parting shot to this board member was, my town will no longer play ball, and I will throw the board under the bus.
     I take no shit, I have no patience for people who don’t do their homework, or their due diligence with a situation. I may look pretty, or cute, but I have a brain, and a mouth and I am not afraid to use it.
     I am sure that this meme is not close to what u meant Steven, but this is sure what it meant to me today. Thanks!!!;)

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