Cabin Fever



  My Pop always said “Any snow that you get after February 15th doesn’t last long.”  I think this year may be testing that wisdom. It is February 23rd 2015 and in New England we have had record breaking snowfalls, and cold temperatures. Weeks of below zero temperatures, have all compounded to leave 7 feet of snow in my yard and 20 feet snow banks.
   All of those things combined have given me a huge case of Cabin Fever, the kind that makes me want to be outside. But going outside makes me COLD..brr. What I really need is sun, warmth, some sand, and the ability to sit on the beach and watch the waves. With my book, an umbrella drink and not a care in the world.


Feeling the sun on my shoulders, and yes I know I should have 50 SPF on, but I don’t. I have either 4 or 8, because I want a tan after being cooped up in the snow. Heck this is my Cabin Fever fantasy, there is no sunburn in my fantasy. In my fantasy I can lay in this imaginary beach n there is 0% chance of sunburn and 💯%  chance of beautiful golden even tan.
     As I sit in my sand chair, moving my feet back in forth in the sand, creating little tunnels with my feet, listening to the stupid gulls over my head.  They are the only part of my fantasy that is truly annoying. Little flying rats, ugh nasty birds, but oh well they really are part of the whole “beach experience”, so they can stay.
       Listening to the lifeguards whistle, the giggling of the little kids building sand castles and moats down by the water, and the boat engines out in the ocean. All those things combined blend to make up the background noise that lulls me to sleep.
     I can smell the salt air, suntan lotion, the lunch of the people next to me. They have tuna salad sandwiches and Fritos, along with Coca-Cola, and strawberries. I can feel the way my skin is getting tight, the salt drying on it from the ocean water. It feels funny and good all at the same time. The air is so warm, the slight breeze, just enough to keep things moving but not chilly by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.
     I get up and make my way into the water, in my Cabin Fever Fantasy this is not New England Beach water. I don’t have to slowly acclimate my body to the icy freezing water inch by inch.
     Abruptly my fantasy comes to a screeching halt with the “beep, beep”  sound that the dryer makes. At least the resulting laundry will be warm. All I can say is that Mother Nature is an equal opportunist this year. The South has gotten snow and ice too, we in the Northeast are buried up past our nether regions in the white crap. It is cold out West, and up across the Midwest and Central Plains too. So I am pleading, please, please Mother Nature I need warmth, soon.❗❗❗☺☺🌞🌞🌈🌈🌊




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